Radiators for Secondary Return Hot water Systems

I have a secondary return domestic hot water (DHW) system, what types of radiators are suitable?

For a secondary hot water system, it is essential that you install radiators and towel rails that are made of “inert” metals. These are metals that are non-reactive and do not corrode when in contact with water such as stainless steel, brass or copper.

In a secondary hot water circuit, the water that runs through the radiators is the same water that comes out of your taps. So the water running through the system needs to be clean and free from chemicals. Accordingly, radiators made of mild steel, aluminium and cast iron, which need to be used in conjunction with corrosion inhibitor, are not suitable.

You also need to consider your radiator valve choice, again ensuring that these are made of inert metals. 
Despite options being more limited, there is still a great range of suitable radiators, towel rails and valves for secondary hot water systems that perform well and look fantastic.

For instance, Feature Radiators offers a wide range of contemporary stainless steel radiators in both brushed and polished finishes in a variety of designs, such as the Zermatt and Millennium. Their towel radiator collection includes options made of stainless steel such as the Alpine range of ladder style rails and also traditional options with ball-joints such as the Coniston and Deco, which are made of brass and coated in a superb range of finishes including chrome, gold, antique brass, antique copper and pewter.

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