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Do I need angled, straight or corner radiator valves?

Do I need straight, angled or corner radiator valves?

You have bought your radiator, but the question of radiator valves has now come up. So which type do you need?

Radiator valves for a long time just came in “straight” versions, for use on towel rails with underside connections, if pipes came from the floor. or “angled” versions for use on any “standard” radiator or when pipes came from the floor.

However with an increasing range of radiator styles available and with an increased customer demand for the smartest and most stylish options, valve manufacturers have sought to increase the choice available not just in style, but also in format, to ensure the neatest finish. As they say, the devil’s in the detail!

A radiator expert, such as Feature Radiators, can identify which valve format you need for your situation depending on the style of radiator you choose, the position of the valve connections and the position of your pipework.

So watch this video for more information or just give us a call directly for some tailored advice on 01274 567789 or, for more information, visit www.featureradiators.co.uk.