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Bare Metal Radiators

Our Bare Metal Radiators feature some of our most popular designs at Feature Radiators. There is something uniquely stylish about a bare metal design. If you are decorating your property with an industrial design, enjoy the best of industrial chic design with a radiator that really stands out.


The stunning designs you see below don’t just look stylish, but they also provide exceptional heat output, providing warmth to any room. They look great in contemporary settings, but they are just at home in traditional properties. And even with their impressive performance and beautiful designs, they remain great value for money.

You’ll find our Bare Metal Radiators come in a range of styles and sizes. Shorter radiators are designed to perfectly fit below the window, and some are as short as 30cm. Others come in tall designs that fit into tight spaces and become a real feature of the wall.

Or you might prefer a classic column radiator, which is a popular style that fits into almost any setting and adds a touch of elegance and class. Alternatively, curved core column radiators fit around curved spaces and are perfect for bay windows in period properties.

You might want to choose a Bare Metal Radiator with a lacquered bare steel finish. This is where a transparent coating is applied to the steel, leaving the manufacturing marks visible and adding to its appeal. Others feature a polished cast iron finish that is lacquered for protection, meaning no maintenance is required for many years.

With many of the radiators in the collection, you have a choice of finishes including Clear Lacquer, Brass Lacquer, Copper Lacquer, Gold Lacquer and many more!

Call today to find out more about our Bare Metal Radiators and enjoy the stylish industrial look in your home. We have many to choose from, so ask us about our bespoke service and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.

Why Choose Us for Bare Metal Radiators?

At Feature Radiators, you’ll find now only Bare Metal Radiators but a huge range of high-quality radiators in many styles. We only feature the very best radiators available in terms of design and quality as well as value for money.

If you know exactly what you want, you can choose from the Bare Metal Radiators on this page and order quickly and easily. But if you want some more help making your decision, just get in touch. Our primary goal is to help our customers make the right choice for their projects, which means choosing the right radiator based on dimensions, heat output, budget and more.

Our sales team does not work on commission, and their goal is to help you find the right radiator for your home. It’s that simple. So get in touch today and speak to one of our friendly experts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Press radiator (600mm to 1000mm high) From -
    £487.30 £406.08

    Traditional steel manufacturing techniques combine with the latest finish trends to create Press, a lacquered bare steel industrial style column radiator.

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  2. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 502mm high From -
    £166.90 £139.08

    Bare metal column radiator in a popular height of 502mm (without feet) or 602mm with feet in a range of widths and depths to fit onto existing pipework.

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  3. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 602mm high From -
    £212.40 £177.00

    600mm is the best-selling height of column radiator in a raw steel finish. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 columns deep and a range of widths.

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  4. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators – 1502mm high From -
    £160.08 £133.40

    This vertical column radiator measures 1.5m without feet so perfect for installation under picture rails or eaves. At only 2 columns deep, it sits close to the wall.

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  5. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 1802mm high From -
    £150.13 £125.11

    A 6ft classically designed tall column radiator in a range of widths and 2 depths for installation in narrow spaces.

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  6. Forge 4 cast iron radiators - 355mm high From -
    £456.28 £380.23

    A cast iron radiator that has been polished with a clear lacquer applied, unlike oiled models which can tarnish and rust. They come with 100 year guarantee.

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  7. Forge 4 cast iron radiators - 475mm high From -
    £463.39 £386.16

    The perfect height for use under windows or sitting pretty in a bay. Choose from a range of tinted lacquers that ensure a long life.

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  8. Forge 4 cast iron radiators - 655mm high From -
    £482.57 £402.14

    The best-selling height in cast iron radiators and with a huge range of widths, this model offers a stunning replacement to standard panel radiators.

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  9. Forge cast iron radiators - 762mm high From -
    £510.31 £425.26

    A cast iron radiator that has been polished then lacquered in a finish of your choosing. This heights works well in period properties with tall ceilings.

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  10. Forge 4 cast iron radiators - 955mm high From -
    £508.70 £423.92

    At almost 1m tall, this tall polished cast iron radiator is perfect for use in grand Victorian or Georgian settings with high ceilings.

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  11. Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators (575mm to 675mm high) From -
    £794.88 £662.40

    Choose from a range of floor-standing Classic radiators in our best-selling finish, "lacquered bare metal", giving longevity in both practicality and style.

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  12. Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators (1492mm to 1792mm high) From -
    £679.38 £566.15

    For an industrial look in a narrow space, the tall Bare Metal Classic radiators offer a stunning and timeless top quality design in a range of sizes.

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  13. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 302mm high From -
    £500.86 £417.38

    A low column radiator designed for use under windows as only 30cm high. Choose feet where walls are uneven or for a more traditional look.

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  14. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 752mm high From -
    £111.78 £93.15

    An unusual height of column radiator at 0.75m, the extra height adds heat output in a narrow space. Particularly popular in the lacquered bare metal finish.

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  15. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 902mm high From -
    £116.38 £96.98

    A 1m tall column radiator, 3 columns deep, offers a great heat output in a range of widths. The raw metal finish with a clear protective coating gives an industrial look.

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  16. Curved Core Column Radiators From -
    £0.00 £0.00

    Perfect for bay windows in period properties or 30s semis, our best-selling column radiator can be made in a concave curved design to perfectly fit your space.

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16 Items

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