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How to join a sectional or cast iron radiator

Joining radiators

Cast iron radiators and some designs of steel column and aluminium radiators are “sectional” in nature, meaning they are made

Feature radiators - can they be efficient and stylish?

Efficient yet stylish – Feature radiators

Feature Radiators by name Feature radiators by nature! Our contemporary, traditional, electric or towel rail ranges include radiators that double

How efficient are electric radiators?

How efficient are electric radiators

Feature Radiators are a leading expert in electric radiators and electric heating systems and electric heating is becoming more common

What are "dual fuel" and electric towel radiators?

How to choose an electric or “dual fuel” towel rail

Many styles of heated towel rails and radiators are now not only available in central heating versions, but also in

How do I choose a towel rail or bathroom radiator?

How to choose a heated towel rail or bathroom radiator

The choice of towel radiators these days is huge. In this video, our radiator expert, Jason, offers a layperson

Do I need angled, straight or corner radiator valves?

Do I need straight, angled or corner radiator valves?

You have bought your radiator, but the question of radiator valves has now come up. So which type do

Do I need manual or thermostatic radiators valves (TRVs)?

Do I need manual or thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)?

Feature Radiators’ technical expert, Jason, offers some helpful advice on choosing the best radiator valves for your particular circumstances, regarding

How to install an electric element in a radiator

How to turn a central heating radiator into an electric radiator

Electric radiators are an increasingly popular option. Consequently Feature Radiators offers a wide range of electric heater styles including a

How to bleed a radiator

How to bleed a radiator

Bleeding a radiator is an efficient way to get rid of cold spots. The process enables you to remove air,

Feature Radiators' showroom, the largest in the UK

Feature Radiators – The Largest Radiator Showroom in the UK

Feature Radiators is an award-winning radiator specialist and has the UK’s largest radiator showroom with over 250 display models in