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Column Radiators

When you think of a classic radiator, the column radiator often comes to mind. This truly classic design looks fantastic in any setting. But as well as offering stylish good looks, it also provides excellent heating for any room, keeping you cosy and warm on cold winter days.


Column Radiators are ideal for both modern and traditional interiors. Explore the collection below and you will find that there is a huge range of styles and colours to choose from.

For fast delivery, you can choose stock white and we’ll send your radiator right away. However, you can also choose your ideal style and finish with our bespoke service. Or you can choose from our selection of bare metal column radiators for a more industrial look, or go for something bright and bold colours like a yellow or blue radiator.

For an affordable option for the home, Column Radiators are a great choice. They are also incredibly flexible, so you can choose from a wide range of styles. For example, you can choose from both floor-standing or wall-mounted designs depending on your room and the style you are going for.

You can choose from different depths as well, with two, three and four-column radiators available. They also come in standard horizontal designs as well as other designs like tall vertical radiators, which are perfect for fitting into narrow spaces.

Or for something really special, choose a curved column radiator. These are designed to fit around bay windows, spiral staircases or anywhere that the wall is curved.

Pod radiators boast a timeless design with their beautiful curved tops. They provide excellent heat outback combined with a retro design and iconic styling, making them a popular choice.

The best way to discover the variety on offer is to browse the column radiators below. We’ve got lots to choose from so there is something for every home. If you want a high-quality column radiator, whether you’ve got something specific in mind or you want to consider your options, explore our range of column radiators today. Ask us any questions you have and we’ll be happy to discuss your options.

Find the Right Column Radiator for Your Project

For the team at Feature Radiators, it’s all about making sure our customers find the perfect radiators for their homes. Our sales team doesn’t work on commission, and they are 100% focused on helping you find the right radiator according to your needs.

We have spent two decades working with radiators, and we have provided our customers with countless Column Radiators during that time. We will work closely with you from start to finish, answering your questions and helping you to decide which type of radiator, style and finish is right for you.

When you’ve chosen, we’ll send your Column Radiator to your address safely and securely packaged for your peace of mind. We also offer FREE shipping to UK addresses. So explore our range today and get in touch to find out more.

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  1. Core Column Radiators - 502mm high From -
    £138.31 £115.26

    Low prices as well as top quality has made the Core our best-selling column radiator. Choose from a huge range of sizes and colours.

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  2. Core Column Radiators - 602mm high From -
    £175.51 £146.26

    At 600mm high, this is the most popular height of our best-selling column radiator. Choose from a huge range of sizes, colours and finishes at bargain prices!

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  3. Core Column Radiators - 1802mm high From -
    £201.22 £167.68

    This tall radiator can be used where wall space is limited and is perfect in any style of room be it traditional or modern. White or colours at super low prices!

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  4. Curved Core Column Radiators From -
    £0.00 £0.00

    Perfect for bay windows in period properties or 30s semis, our best-selling column radiator can be made in a concave curved design to perfectly fit your space.

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  5. Pod radiator (550mm to 1872mm high) From -
    £222.00 £185.00

    Inspired by classic steel column radiators, Pod is a chunkier design in both white and grey, with or without feet.

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  6. Bisque Classic Column Radiators (375mm to 825mm high) From -
    £547.73 £456.44

    The short versions of Classic radiators are stocked with feet for floor-mounting, but are available wall-mounted in more sizes and colours by special order.

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  7. Classic Column Radiators (742mm to 1792mm high) From -
    £399.92 £333.27

    An alternative to cast iron, this steel column radiator is vertical with underside valve connections, making it the perfect options in narrow gaps as valves sit underneath.

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  8. Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators (575mm to 675mm high) From -
    £794.88 £662.40

    Choose from a range of floor-standing Classic radiators in our best-selling finish, "lacquered bare metal", giving longevity in both practicality and style.

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  9. Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators (1492mm to 1792mm high) From -
    £679.38 £566.15

    For an industrial look in a narrow space, the tall Bare Metal Classic radiators offer a stunning and timeless top quality design in a range of sizes.

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  10. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 302mm high From -
    £500.86 £417.38

    A low column radiator designed for use under windows as only 30cm high. Choose feet where walls are uneven or for a more traditional look.

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  11. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 502mm high From -
    £166.90 £139.08

    Bare metal column radiator in a popular height of 502mm (without feet) or 602mm with feet in a range of widths and depths to fit onto existing pipework.

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  12. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 602mm high From -
    £212.40 £177.00

    600mm is the best-selling height of column radiator in a raw steel finish. Choose from 2, 3 or 4 columns deep and a range of widths.

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  13. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 752mm high From -
    £111.78 £93.15

    An unusual height of column radiator at 0.75m, the extra height adds heat output in a narrow space. Particularly popular in the lacquered bare metal finish.

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  14. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 902mm high From -
    £116.38 £96.98

    A 1m tall column radiator, 3 columns deep, offers a great heat output in a range of widths. The raw metal finish with a clear protective coating gives an industrial look.

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  15. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators – 1502mm high From -
    £160.08 £133.40

    This vertical column radiator measures 1.5m without feet so perfect for installation under picture rails or eaves. At only 2 columns deep, it sits close to the wall.

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  16. Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 1802mm high From -
    £150.13 £125.11

    A 6ft classically designed tall column radiator in a range of widths and 2 depths for installation in narrow spaces.

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