Bare Metal Core Column Radiators - 752mm high

This stunning bare metal radiator goes right to the core of industrial chic design. Bringing effortless cool and stylish warmth, Core looks equally at home in contemporary as well as traditional interiors. Keenly priced and with its' impressive performance, this beauty will warm you to the core. The "lacquered bare steel" finish of the Core radiator means a transparent coating is applied to the bare mild steel of the radiator. This means that the manufacturing marks that occur during production of the radiator such as welds with be visible and are there purposely to add to the industrial appeal of this radiator. 752mm high (wall-mounted, without feet) / 847mm high (floor-standing, with feet) - 3 column / 101mm deep

  • Bare steel finish lacquered for protection
  • Different widths to fit existing pipes
  • Excellent prices!
Starting From Incl. VAT £109.20 £91.00
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SKU core_ch_752

Lead Time:-

Approximately 6 weeks
Price shown is for standard top coat paint finishes - choose from a huge range of colours. Primer finish also available - please ask for a quote. Height measurement shown includes feet. Width measurements are approximate and exclude valves. For more information see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION page.
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Wall or floor mounted? Size Depth Output (Watts/BTUs) Price incl VAT
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 159mm / Sections: 3 101mm / 3 column 282/962 £109.20
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 204mm / Sections: 4 101mm / 3 column 376/1283 £123.60
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 249mm / Sections:5 101mm / 3 column 470/1604 £139.20
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 294mm / Sections: 6 101mm / 3 column 564/1924 £154.80
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 339mm / Sections: 7 101mm / 3 column 658/2245 £170.40
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 429mm / Sections: 9 101mm / 3 column 846/2887 £200.40
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 474mm / Sections: 10 101mm / 3 column 940/3207 £216.00
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 519mm / Sections: 11 101mm / 3 column 1034/3528 £231.60
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 564mm / Sections: 12 101mm / 3 column 1128/3849 £246.00
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 609mm / Sections: 13 101mm / 3 column 1222/4170 £381.60
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 654mm / Sections: 14 101mm / 3 column 1316/4490 £277.20
Wall-Mounted H: 752mm / W: 699mm / Sections: 15 101mm / 3 column 1410/4811 £292.80


  • Lead time: This particular size is only available by special order – approximately 6 weeks. However, we do have other sizes held in stock or approximate pipe centres can be provided if you wish to install your pipework in advance of receiving your radiator.
  • Finish: Lacquered bare steel is a transparent coating that is applied to the bare mild steel finish. It will expose the manufacturing marks that occur in production of the radiator such as welds and rivets – see close-up image.
  • Material: Made of mild steel.
  • Delivery: We offer delivery to most addresses on the UK mainland (excluding some remote areas) [MORE INFORMATION]
  • Fixings: Radiators are supplied with the necessary fixings i.e. wall bracket, plugs, bushes and vents. 1/2″ connections are supplied as standard. Screws are not supplied.
  • Depth: 101mm (excluding brackets)
  • Projection from the wall: 125mm
  • Valve connections: Side valve connections so add 150mm in total to the width of the radiator to allow for valves. (These are not pipe centre measurements.)
  • Valves and finishing touches: These not included as there is now so much choice available. See our Valves page for valves and accessories to complete the look.
  • Pipe centre measurements: Approximate pipe centres can be provided if you wish to install your pipework in advance of receiving your radiator.
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee: 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Heat outputs: These are shown at operating temperatures of 90/70/20 (Dt60°C). To obtain Dt50°C outputs, multiply the outputs shown by 0.789.
  • Water treatment: The manufacturer’s guarantee will only be valid if your radiators are installed in accordance with British Standards. This means that, on completion of installation, the system should be properly flushed and filled to remove debris and minimise the presence of solid particles and chemical residues, which may cause corrosion and damage within the system. Corrosion inhibitor should be used in accordance with British Standards and should take into account the particular metals within the system.
  • Terms and Conditions: All sales are subject to our standard Ts and Cs; a copy can be downloaded from our website.
  • VAT: The prices shown are inclusive of VAT.