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Electric Radiators

Feature Radiators offer electric radiators in a huge range of sizes, colours and heat outputs. We provide ideal heating solutions for any space without a piped system.

Our collection consists of traditional to ultra-modern designs.

  The range includes authentic cast iron and column models, which are designed to contrast with our contemporary designs and minimalist radiant panels, all designed to seamlessly blend into walls.

Innovatively Controlled

Link our range wirelessly to form a central heating system around your house. Alternatively, use electric radiators independently in garden rooms or posh sheds and even conservatories or extensions where you can add an electric radiator as a boost to an existing central heating system.

Utilising modern technology, our products are designed to minimise energy usage and maximise efficiency. Upgrade today with our stunning energy efficient electric radiators with our innovative and user-friendly smart controls.

Quality Assured

All our electric products are CE certified and come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Designed for use on British electrical circuits, but they may also be used abroad so please ask our team prior to purchase as regulations vary between countries. For more information please call our expert team on 01274 567789

Prior to any online order being processed, you will be called to check through your order details. Please order with confidence. 

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FREE UK Delivery

Your radiator will be delivered safely packaged as soon as it’s ready for your peace of mind.

Order with confidence

Prior to any online order being processed, you will be called to check through your order details.

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  1. Core Electric Radiators - Up to 33% off RRP! From -
    £346.43 £288.69

    Industrial chic meets classic design with the latest in our electric column radiator range. Electric Core offers stylish heating where there is no piped system.

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  2. Alchemy Electric Radiators From -
    £322.27 £268.56

    High heat outputs, lots of sizes, light weight and quick delivery makes the Electric Alchemy radiator a popular choice for those without central heating.

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  3. Ellipse electric radiator From -
    £472.80 £394.00

    At last, our best-selling oval tubed radiator Ellipse is now available in an electric version. Stocked in white and dark grey for quick delivery at low prices.

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  4. Core Vertical Electric radiator From -
    £481.40 £401.17

    Tall electric radiators in a classic design. Choose from white or bare metal finishes with WiFi controlled elements offering to 2kW

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  5. WiFi Upgrade for Electric Radiators From -
    £72.00 £60.00

    WiFi controller is now available on our electric cast iron, column and sectional aluminium electric radiators. Choose from a range of finishes.

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  6. Wilberforce Electric Radiators From -
    £538.80 £449.00

    The slimmest cast iron radiator available, Wilberforce sits close to the wall so is the perfect solution for small traditional spaces or narrow hallways.

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  7. Gladstone Electric Radiators From -
    £645.60 £538.00

    A cast iron radiator in a classic French design with scrolled feet in a range of colours is available in an electric version for properties without gas.

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  8. Victorian 3 Electric Radiators From -
    £512.40 £427.00

    Our best-selling cast iron radiator in an electric version has been designed for use where there is no piped heating system. Many sizes and finishes.

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  9. Titus Electric Radiators From -
    £574.80 £479.00

    A 2 column cast iron radiator in an electric version that has been designed for installation in narrow traditional settings without wet central heating.

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  10. Thackray Electric Radiators From -
    £669.71 £558.09

    This hospital style radiator offers a practical design of cast iron heater and is available in a choice of 100s of finishes for delivery within 2 weeks.

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  11. Nightingale Electric Radiators From -
    £704.40 £587.00

    With an ornate floral design, Electric Nightingale offers a softer option when it comes to cast iron radiators, particularly in the popular antiqued cream finish.

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  12. Liberty Electric Radiators From -
    £822.17 £685.14

    Made in Europe, this ornate cast iron radiator is available in an electric version comes in 4 heights, a range of widths and colours and giving up to 2000 Watts.

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  13. Downton Electric Radiators From -
    £579.60 £483.00

    Our best-priced electric ornate cast iron radiator, Downton comes in a range of sizes and hand-painted finishes which highlight the beautiful detailing.

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  14. Etonian 4 Electric Radiators From -
    £528.00 £440.00

    A European made cast iron radiator with 4 columns that can be electrified and that comes in many sizes, from low to high, and in F&B colour matches.

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  15. Etonian 6 Electric Radiators From -
    £614.40 £512.00

    This chunky cast iron radiator is electric, made in Europe and offers the perfect solution in bay windows or alcoves or where huge heat outputs are needed.

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  16. Rococo Electric Radiators From -
    £866.40 £722.00

    The electric radiator is made of cast iron with an ornate design and offers a slimline option in 2 heights, in many widths and finishes inc copper and gold.

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  17. Forge Electric Radiators From -
    £1,324.73 £1,103.94

    This old school cast iron radiator is available in a range of sizes and comes in a polished bare metal finish with a clear lacquer to ensure a long life.

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  18. Edwardian 2 Electric Radiators From -
    £672.00 £560.00

    A rustic design of chunky 2 column cast iron radiator that is available in 2 heights and a range of widths and finishes including Anthracite and Old Bronze.

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  19. Burlington Electric Radiators From -
    £1,645.87 £1,371.56

    This is the ultimate in quality when it comes to ornate cast iron radiators. Made in Europe, Burlington comes in a range of widths and traditional finishes.

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  20. Slimline Curve Electric Radiators From -
    £249.00 £207.50

    A smart electric radiator that sits close to the wall and is held in stock in 5 sizes and 2 finishes for quick delivery, giving upto 2000 Watts and all for a low price.

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  21. WiFi Upgrade for Slimline Curve electric radiators From -
    £70.00 £58.33

    Upgrade your Slimline Curve radiator to allow control remotely via an app on your smartphone or device.

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  22. Gong! Electric Radiators From -
    £1,283.28 £1,069.40

    Brass or copper panels with a unique patinated finishes created by skilled British artisans cover a powerful electric aluminium radiator in a size to fit any space.

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  23. iRad electric radiator (mild steel) From -
    £382.54 £318.78

    An electric radiant panel design available in vertical and horizontal models in various sizes. Wirelessly link iRads to form a centrally controlled system.

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  24. Dynamo Electric Radiators From -
    £908.40 £757.00

    Vertical and horizontal electric aluminium radiators in a modern design that can be controlled via an app. Stocked in white and dark grey (anthracite)

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  25. iRad Mirror electric radiators From -
    £628.87 £524.06

    An electric mirror radiator for use in any space, providing heat and the illusion of light and space. Can be wirelessly linked to other electric radiators.

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  26. iRad Glass electric radiator From -
    £908.04 £756.70

    This glass fronted electric radiator offers a high gloss contemporary finish and can be wirelessly linked for smart control.

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  27. Curve-E Electric Radiators From -
    £474.24 £395.20

    This Lot 20 compliant electric radiator comes with an integral 7 day digital programmable timer and open window detection in white or a choice of colours.

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  28. Pentola Electric Radiators From -
    £476.99 £397.49

    A well-priced vertical tubular radiator that is electric and available from stock in white for quick delivery. Its pepper pot tops give up to 1200 Watts.

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  29. Press Electric Radiators From -
    £727.25 £606.04

    The lacquered bare steel of this electric radiator offers an industrial look for settings with urban chic. Made to order in Europe, you can choose your ideal size.

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  30. Polar Electric Radiators From -
    £940.99 £784.16

    An electric flat fronted radiator available in vertical and horizontal models, perfect for use around the home with 7 day timer and integral controls.

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  31. Arrow Electric Radiators From -
    £1,083.91 £903.26

    A vertical electric radiator from an Italian manufacturer meaning top quality and practical design. Textured, mottled and smooth finishes are available.

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  32. Pod Electric Radiators From -
    £392.40 £327.00

    A twist on a design classic, Pod is a chunky version of a steel column radiator in short and tall versions in white and anthracite grey with matching electric elements.

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  33. Outline Electric Radiators From -
    £826.38 £688.65

    Choose from a range of front panels including stainless steel, textured white and a rainbow of colours on this high performing electric radiator.

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  34. Supermirror Electric Radiators From -
    £1,325.24 £1,104.37

    Highly polished stainless steel panel with a high output aluminium radiator behind. This mirror radiator is available in vertical and horizontal designs.

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  35. Woody Electric Radiators From -
    £1,513.19 £1,260.99

    Electric feature radiators can't get more fantastic that this aluminium heater with a front fascia made of wood. Choose from veneers inc walnut and oak.

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  36. Cliff Electric Radiators From -
    £1,513.19 £1,260.99

    Taking from the trend for organic finishes, this flat panel electric radiator has an aluminium body and is finished in different stone veneers to make it rock!

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  37. Romana Stone Electric Radiators From -
    £521.60 £434.67

    Choose from a range of marbles, granites and limestones to create you ideal electric radiator. The use of organic materials is both practical and on-trend.

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  38. Blackboard Electric Radiators From -
    £826.38 £688.65

    The latest in electric radiator technology, Blackboard contains an internal aluminium heater that gives a high heat output despite its low profile.

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  39. Spiro Electric Radiators From -
    £958.80 £799.00

    A long low electric radiator with spiral fins to boost it's surface area. The Spiro Electric offers a funky feature radiator where there is no piped system.

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About Our Designer Electric Radiators

As pioneers in the electric heating industry, Feature Radiators has spent the last 20 years leading the market. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of electric radiator technology and introducing innovations. Don’t compromise on style or functionality, just choose your perfect electric radiator solution from our stunning range.

Feature Radiators were the first to have an electric, centrally controlled heating system that could combine any electric radiators. This means we can offer cast iron and modern vertical designs but on a wireless electric central heating system. Consequently, this system has won heating industry awards.

Digitally Controlled Heating

Control your electric heating via your phone or tablet with our smart control systems. This technology uses Wifi making it ideal for holiday properties and handy for your everyday home. Set your time and temperature programme to fit in with your routine. Then adjust as necessary when life doesn’t go to plan. For example, if you fancy a quick pint after work, then just go on your app and put the heating back an hour…or two!

Where Can They Be Used?

Electric radiators can be used in conservatories, annexes, summer houses and garden offices. Therefore they are often preferable to extending a property’s central heating system, which may be difficult and expensive.

Our electric radiators can be found in a wide array of locations, from National Trust properties to grand designs. We have even supplied radiators for installation on yachts and canal barges because they don't need piped connections or a boiler.

An Attractive Solution  

Electric heating is more expensive to run than gas or oil-fired heating, but the initial installation costs are much lower. Also, there are lots of other benefits to electric radiators over central heating. For example, our electric radiators do not require ongoing maintenance or servicing and there is no risk of pipe leaks. When compared to storage heaters, they offer a much more attractive heating solution and they are silent, unlike noisy fan heaters.

Our sales team is fully up to speed on our various electric heating control systems. If you need to decide on the best system to suit your particular requirements, they are here to help.

During the initial setup, contact our dedicated technical team, if required. They are on hand to help you or your installer with any queries.

Call us on 01274 567789 for help and advice.

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