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Gong! Electric Radiators

Quick Overview

Electric Gong! are uniquely finished copper and brass fronted radiators that are available in highly polished brass or in a choice of unique etched finishes using specialised patinating techniques on copper and brass. These patinations are created by hand by highly skilled metalworkers in London's East End using a variety of hot working techniques and colour compounds depending on the finish required. These techniques produce an incredibly silky and tactile finish with beautiful organic patterns and colours but Gong! is not for the control freaks out there as our artisans are not able to dictate the final finish of the radiator and each beautiful Gong will be completely different.

  • Copper and brass front panels with unique finishes
  • Highly efficient aluminium internal core
  • Made in the UK
£847.20 £706.00

Lead Time: Approximately 8 weeks

Prices shown are for rusty finish. For more information see ADDITIONAL INFORMATION page.
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Size Electric rating (Watts) Price incl VAT
H: 1050mm / W: 1050mm / D: 50mm 1578 £1,927.20
H: 1050mm / W: 1050mm / D: 95mm 2890 £2,052.00
H: 1400mm / W: 240mm / D: 50mm 580 £902.40
H: 1400mm / W: 240mm / D: 95mm 820 £985.20
H: 1400mm / W: 460mm / D: 50mm 1160 £1,269.60
H: 1400mm / W: 460mm / D: 95mm 1640 £1,405.20
H: 1900mm / W: 240mm / D: 50mm 870 £1,077.60
H: 1900mm / W: 240mm / D: 95mm 1230 £1,204.80
H: 1900mm / W: 460mm / D: 50mm 1740 £1,653.60
H: 1900mm / W: 460mm / D: 95mm 2460 £1,794.00
H: 290mm / W: 1100mm / D: 50mm 394 £847.20
H: 290mm / W: 1100mm / D: 95mm 578 £925.20
H: 290mm / W: 1600mm / D: 50mm 592 £1,012.80
H: 290mm / W: 1600mm / D: 95mm 868 £1,099.20
H: 290mm / W: 2100mm / D: 50mm 789 £1,177.20
H: 290mm / W: 2100mm / D: 95mm 1157 £1,324.80
H: 470mm / W: 1100mm / D: 50mm 789 £1,113.60
H: 470mm / W: 1100mm / D: 95mm 1157 £1,225.20
H: 470mm / W: 1600mm / D: 50mm 1183 £1,425.60
H: 470mm / W: 1600mm / D: 95mm 1735 £1,576.80
H: 470mm / W: 2100mm / D: 50mm 1578 £1,717.20
H: 470mm / W: 2100mm / D: 95mm 2313 £1,862.40
H: 650mm / W: 1100mm / D: 50mm 1183 £1,399.20
H: 650mm / W: 1100mm / D: 95mm 1735 £1,551.60
H: 650mm / W: 1600mm / D: 50mm 1775 £1,818.00
H: 650mm / W: 1600mm / D: 95mm 2603 £1,880.40
H: 650mm / W: 2100mm / D: 50mm 2367 £2,235.60
H: 700mm / W: 700mm / D: 50mm 870 £1,064.40
H: 700mm / W: 700mm / D: 95mm 1230 £1,227.60
H: 750mm / W: 460mm / D: 50mm 580 £890.40
H: 750mm / W: 460mm / D: 95mm 820 £967.20
  • Lead time: All Gong! radiators are by special order in approximately 8 weeks. Special order means that an order cannot be cancelled once manufacturing has commenced.
  • Finishes: Alternative finishes on this design of radiator are also available, please see Supermirror, Cliff, Blackboard, Outline and Woody ranges.
  • Design: Bespoke sizes are also available - please ask for a quote. The Gong! is a modular aluminium high output radiator with a patinated brass or copper front fascia panel. This means that the radiator has a low surface temperature and acts as a convector heater and emits heat from the space at the top of the radiator between the wall and the rear of the radiator as opposed to the front panel. There is a 25mm gap from wall to rear of radiator on all Gong! models.
  • Controls: Electric heating element is non-adjustable (on/off) without a timer as standard. However, this electric radiator can be upgraded to add extra functions and controls, via in-house controllers or via an app on your device(s); the aim being to minimize energy wastage and maximise efficiency - contact our sales team for more information.
  • Installation: The power cable is located at the bottom right hand corner of the radiator but can be placed behind the radiator facade, so it is out of view (as pictured).
  • Material: Made of aluminium with a brass or copper fascia panel.
  • Delivery: We offer delivery to most addresses on the UK mainland (excluding some remote areas) [MORE INFORMATION].
  • Fixings: Radiators are supplied with the necessary fixings i.e. wall bracket. Screws are not supplied.
  • Depth: 50mm or 95mm
  • Projection from the wall: 50mm deep models = 75mm / 95mm deep models = 120mm (measurements exclude chalk holder)
  • Manufacturer's guarantee: 2 year manufacturer's guarantee against manufacturing defects.
  • Terms and Conditions: All sales are subject to our standard Ts and Cs; a copy can be downloaded from our website.
  • VAT: The prices shown are inclusive of VAT.
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