Designer Radiators

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Our collection of designer radiators ranges from ultra-minimal flat panel designs to the ultimate in feature radiators. Choose any colour; from classic whites and our best-selling anthracite dark greys to the most outrageous of oranges. Our modern radiator designs include both horizontal and vertical models, with something for even the most awkward of spaces, and the latest technology ensures heat outputs are maximised to offer highly efficient, eco-friendly options.

Our designer radiator models can be seen in a wide array of locations from James’ Bond’s flat in the latest movies to the ultimate grand designs, including Victorian terraced homes and 1930s semis. Feature Radiators’ prides ourselves on the quality of our products and service, ensuring you get a perfect designer radiator for years to come.

  • Stainless Steel Radiators

    Stainless Steel Radiators
    Starting From - £337

    A range of designer radiators all made from stainless steel offering contemporary designs with a long life expectancy.

  • Core Column Radiators

    Core Column Radiators
    Starting From - £101

    Our best-selling column radiators come in a lacquered bare metal finish and are held in stock in many sizes for quick delivery, wall-hung or floor-standing.

    33% off RRP

  • Ellipse radiator

    Ellipse radiator
    Starting From - £90

    A top-seller thanks to its high heat output per £, thick grade of steel and range of sizes, both horizontal and vertical, that are stocked in white, black and anthracite grey.

    34% off RRP

  • Bordo Column Radiators

    Bordo Column Radiators
    Starting From - £103

    This steel column radiator is a best-seller due to its quality and quick lead time; it’s sectional nature means any size (with or without feet) can be delivered in a week.

  • Colori Column Radiators

    Colori Column Radiators
    Starting From - £196

    Sectional radiators mean the ultimate flexibility when it comes to length, so Colori’s columns are painted and assembled in the UK for delivery in 4 weeks.

  • Classic Column Radiators

    Classic Column Radiators
    Starting From - £319

    Bisque’s famous column radiator offers the best quality when it come to this classic steel design. Many sizes from stock or utilise our bespoke service.

  • Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators

    Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators
    Starting From - £480

    A best-selling multi-column radiator thanks to its top quality construction. The latest finish is a transparent top coat showing off manufacturing marks.

  • VIP Aluminium Radiators (Alchemy)

    VIP Aluminium Radiators (Alchemy)
    Starting From - £91

    This aluminium sectional radiator offers high heat outputs, many sizes and uses recycled materials, making it an eco alternative to corrugated panel rads.

    30% off RRP

  • Cirque radiator

    Cirque radiator
    Starting From - £244

    Horseshoe shaped tubes encourage an excellent heat output on a classic designer radiator. Cirque is stocked in many sizes in white and dark grey.

  • Retro radiator

    Retro radiator
    Starting From - £191

    A twist on column style radiators, Retro is made of aluminium, so offers eco-friendly properties such as quick reaction times and low water content.

  • Cube-Tube radiator

    Cube-Tube radiator
    Starting From - £371

    Square U-shaped profile tubes maximise the heat output from this modern radiator. Choose from vertical and horizontal sizes stocked in white and grey.

  • Bench Radiators

    STARTING FROM £706.80

    Heating and seating combine with this radiator that is also a bench. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and wood tops.

    Pablo Designer Radiators

    STARTING FROM £70.80

    A minimalist style, flat panel radiator available in a huge range of sizes, both horizontal and vertical. Stocked in white or choose from a range of 25 other colours.

    Arteplano radiator

    STARTING FROM £906.00£651.18

    Etched brass or copper gives each of these radiators an entirely unique finish. This feature radiator is stocked in 1800mm high models in the copper finish.

    Blackboard radiator

    STARTING FROM £567.60

    An aluminium designer radiator but with a chalkboard finish, Blackboard comes in many horizontal and vertical radiator sizes with an optional chalk holder.

    Blok Aluminium Radiators

    STARTING FROM £376.80

    A designer aluminium radiator stocked in tall and short versions in White and Volcanic (black) or other colours by special order. Made in Italy.

    Cliff radiator

    STARTING FROM £1,063.20

    Finished with a stone fascia, this feature radiator has a highly efficient aluminium radiator behind it and is made to order in any size you can imagine.

    Curved Core Column Radiators

    Perfect for bay windows in period properties or 30s semis, our best-selling column radiator can be made in a concave curved design to perfectly fit your space.

    Calla Radiator – SALE

    STARTING FROM £554.40£374.40

    This finned vertical radiator has now been discontinued so is available at bargain prices for quick delivery, but only whilst stocks last.

    Crescent Radiator – SALE

    STARTING FROM £424.80

    Vertical designer radiators to hang on a wall or in a corner at heavily reduced prices. This top quality European made model has been discontinued so is only available whilst stocks last.

    D-Line radiator

    STARTING FROM £246.00

    Tall and slim or short and wide, D-Line features tightly packed tubes that maximise the heat output in smaller spaces and is finished in white or charcoal.

    Hudevad P5K radiator (Dansk Odin)

    STARTING FROM £188.40

    Manufactured in Denmark, this flat panel radiator is the choice of architects due to its top quality, minimalist design and range of sizes inc vertical.

    15% off RRP and free delivery

    Hudevad Plan radiator (Dansk)

    STARTING FROM £52.80

    From Hudevad’s Danish factory with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, this flat panel radiator offers top quality and only 50mm projection from the wall.

    Demitour radiator

    STARTING FROM £466.80

    The stainless steel version of these designer radiators are hand-crafted in the UK by skilled artisans. Alternatively choose the mild steel option made overseas to keep the cost down.

    Hudevad LK low radiator

    STARTING FROM £312.00

    Low on height and low on price, this designer radiator starts at only 140mm high and comes in a range of widths and colours. Perfect for use in front on low windows.

    Elk radiator – SALE

    STARTING FROM £408.00£264.00

    A vertical aluminium radiator in a modern design, giving highly efficient performance for a super low price. Limited stock remains.

    Oval-Line radiator – SALE

    STARTING FROM £260.40£164.40

    An aluminium designer radiator with elliptical profile tubes and a unique ridged design. A range of sizes and finishes are available from stock for next day delivery.

    Quad-Line radiator – SALE

    STARTING FROM £350.40£219.60

    The square shaped profile of this aluminium radiator with it’s ridged tubes gives it a modern look. Choose from short and tall versions in a range of widths and finishes.

    Face radiator – SALE

    STARTING FROM £255.60

    A flat fronted radiator with a brushed steel finish, Face is a designer radiator in vertical and horizontal models at very low prices whilst stocks last.

    Flowform radiator

    STARTING FROM £369.60

    Inspired by industrial finned heating coils used in factories, warehouses and churches, this radiator spirals into the future in a range of finishes.

    Gong! radiator

    STARTING FROM £664.42

    Finished in copper or brass panels that have been distressed by skilled metalworkers, every Gong! radiator is unique, with an internal aluminium body.

    22% off RRP

    Hot Spring Designer Radiators

    STARTING FROM £504.00

    An icon of the designer radiator market, the Hot Spring is the radiator chosen for ultimate in luxury interiors thanks to its unique design and finishes.