Curved Core Column Radiators

Perfect for bay windows in period properties or 30s semis, our best-selling column radiator can be made in a concave curved design to perfectly fit your space.

Swell radiator


Winner of the Red Dot Design Award, Swell combines style with a high heat output and eco-friendly properties inc low water content and recycled material.

Pod radiator (450mm to 1800mm high)


Inspired by classic steel column radiators, Pod is a chunkier design, held in stock in both white and grey, with or without feet, for quick delivery.

Colin Aluminium Radiators


The latest in radiator technology, Colin is made of aluminium so has a high heat output with rapid reaction and comes in a stunning gun metal/bronze finish.

Hudevad P5K radiator (Dansk Odin)


Manufactured in Denmark, this flat panel radiator is the choice of architects due to its top quality, minimalist design and range of sizes inc vertical.

15% off RRP and free delivery

Pablo Designer Radiators


A minimalist style, flat panel radiator available in a huge range of sizes, both horizontal and vertical. Stocked in white or choose from a range of 25 other colours.

Hudevad Plan radiator (Dansk)


From Hudevad’s Danish factory with over 100 years of manufacturing experience, this flat panel radiator offers top quality and only 50mm projection from the wall.

New Haus radiator


No other radiator is available from stock in as many sizes as the New Haus, so perfect for updating radiators around the house where pipes can’t be moved.

Face radiator – SALE


A flat fronted radiator with a brushed steel finish, Face is a designer radiator in vertical and horizontal models at very low prices whilst stocks last.

D-Line radiator


Tall and slim or short and wide, D-Line features tightly packed tubes that maximise the heat output in smaller spaces and is finished in white or charcoal.

Sencillo radiator


Vertical or horizontal, single or double panel and in many sizes, Sencillo can be used around the house whether in white, silver or anthracite grey.

Nordic radiator


Made in Belgium, this flat fronted radiator that sits close to the wall can be used around the house, be tall or short, in a modern or traditional property.

Stave radiator


Our best-selling, flat-fronted radiator has an ultra slim (7cm from wall), classic design and is in stock in a range of sizes.? Discontinued so limited models remain.

Outline radiator


Made in Great Britain, this top of the range, smooth flat panel, aluminium radiator is a bespoke product available in almost any size or finish.

Blackboard radiator


An aluminium designer radiator but with a chalkboard finish, Blackboard comes in many horizontal and vertical radiator sizes with an optional chalk holder.

Gong! radiator


Finished in copper or brass panels that have been distressed by skilled metalworkers, every Gong! radiator is unique, with an internal aluminium body.

22% off RRP

Arteplano radiator

STARTING FROM £906.00£651.18

Etched brass or copper gives each of these radiators an entirely unique finish. This feature radiator is stocked in 1800mm high models in the copper finish.

30% off RRP

Woody radiator


FSC certified wood veneer covers a powerful aluminium radiator body to create a fabulous and high performing heater with a low carbon footprint.

Cliff radiator


Finished with a stone fascia, this feature radiator has a highly efficient aluminium radiator behind it and is made to order in any size you can imagine.

Supermirror radiator


An aluminium radiator body with polished stainless steel front meaning an efficient heater alongside a striking mirror finish, both horizontal and vertical.

Elk radiator – SALE

STARTING FROM £408.00£264.00

A vertical aluminium radiator in a modern design, giving highly efficient performance for a super low price. Limited stock remains.

ZigZag Aluminium Radiators – SALE

STARTING FROM £458.40£367.20

Aluminium construction and hollow tubes give this Italian vertical radiator both style and substance in white and black. A clearance product at discounted prices.

Ronde radiator


An aluminium radiator that is well priced offering plenty of Watts/BTUs per £. Stocked in white and dark grey or choose other colours by special order.

Pinstripe radiator – SALE

STARTING FROM £649.20£453.60

This designer radiator is made of steel, square-profile tubes and is available in a choice of sizes and finishes. Choose from stock sizes in white or anthracite.

Oval-Line radiator – SALE

STARTING FROM £260.40£164.40

An aluminium designer radiator with elliptical profile tubes and a unique ridged design. A range of sizes and finishes are available from stock for next day delivery.

Mondo radiator


A tubular aluminium radiator stocked in both tall and short models in various sizes in textured white, grey and black for delivery in 1 week.

Pentola radiator


Pepper-pot tops adorn this tubular radiator that has been inspired by Bisque’s original designer radiator, Seta. Stocked in white and anthracite grey.

Ron radiator


Made in the UK, Ron is a tubular aluminium radiator made to order in a huge range of sizes and finishes, from anodized gold to outrageous orange.

Leggy Ron radiator


A design classic has been given an update with the addition of legs to enable this aluminium radiator to be installed away from walls or against glass.

Blok Aluminium Radiators


A designer aluminium radiator stocked in tall and short versions in White and Volcanic (black) or other colours by special order. Made in Italy.

Press radiator (600mm to 1000mm high)


Traditional steel manufacturing techniques combine with the latest finish trends to create Press, a lacquered bare steel industrial style column radiator.

Profile radiator


Made by one of Europe’s top manufacturers, the Profile features vertical fins, modelled off a classic radiator design commonly seen in public buildings.

28% off RRP

Calla Radiator – SALE

STARTING FROM £554.40£374.40

This finned vertical radiator has now been discontinued so is available at bargain prices for quick delivery, but only whilst stocks last.

Kiclos 3 radiator – SALE

STARTING FROM £532.80£392.40

Made by a top Italian manufacturer, Kiclos offers an updated version of the column radiator, in various sizes. Reduced prices are to clear excess stock.

Hudevad LK low radiator


Low on height and low on price, this designer radiator starts at only 140mm high and comes in a range of widths and colours. Perfect for use in front on low windows.

Flowform radiator


Inspired by industrial finned heating coils used in factories, warehouses and churches, this radiator spirals into the future in a range of finishes.

Tredz Trench Heating

A practical, discreet and highly efficient heating solution that frees up room and wall space and is ideal for positioning in front of windows or bi-folds.

Bench Radiators


Heating and seating combine with this radiator that is also a bench. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and wood tops.

Hot Spring Designer Radiators


An icon of the designer radiator market, the Hot Spring is the radiator chosen for ultimate in luxury interiors thanks to its unique design and finishes.

Spiro 2 radiator


Inspired by original industrial heating, Spiro 2 is a vertical designer radiator that includes a spiral fin to maximise heat output in a narrow space.

Mitad corner radiator


Designed to slot into an unused space, this corner radiator offers a stylish, practical and well priced option for a tall steel feature radiator.

Crescent Radiator – SALE


Vertical designer radiators to hang on a wall or in a corner at heavily reduced prices. This top quality European made model has been discontinued so is only available whilst stocks last.

About our Designer Radiators

We have been finding and selling stylish radiators for nearly 20 years. When we first started there were only about 20 alternatives to the standard panel radiator, now there are hundreds of options.

We are very careful to only sell products that we feel are made to a high quality standard, not just the radiator itself, but all of the associated parts, like brackets and supports. There are many radiators that look the same as the ones we have chosen to sell, but it comes to a point where the only way to make a cheaper product is to make it from thinner metal, and inferior parts.

Our suppliers have worked with us over the years to try and limit the disappointment, inconvenience and stress of radiators arriving with damage by ensuring that the packaging used to transport our products is up to the job, and/or, in some cases we will only use specialised fragile goods carriers for our deliveries.

If there is something you have in mind, or a style you have seen elsewhere, but cannot find on our website, please give our experienced sales team a call, or use the online chat to discuss your what you are looking for.