A user-friendly system for controlling your Outline, Blackboard, Supermirror, Cliff, Woody and/or Gong! electric radiators via an app on your device(s).

The APP-solute control system can be programmed to suit your lifestyle with temperature and timer control of heating zones or individual radiators via a user-friendly app.  Then adjust anytime, anywhere on your tablet or smartphone, turning radiators off or on whenever you need to, maximising efficiency and minimising your energy wastage and heating bills.

You will require one integral receiver per Outline, Blackboard, Supermirror, Cliff, Woody and/or Gong! electric radiators, one digital thermostat per heating zone and one gateway per property.  You can also link in other electric radiator models using our other receiver option (non-integral).

Please contact our sales team for guidance on which parts you require and to obtain a quote.

APP-solute Control digital thermostat – 1 per heating zone


Upgrade your electric radiators using our APP-solute system – you need one thermostat per heating zone, which will communicate with a receiver on each rad.

APP-solute Control gateway – to connect to your router


Plug this gateway into a router for a Wifi control system for your electric radiators, alongside 1 receiver per radiator and 1 thermostat per heating zone.

APP-solute Control integral receiver for Electric Blackboard, Cliff, Gong!, Outline, Supermirror and Woody


Upgrade your flat panel radiator with an integral receiver to enable you to wirelessly link it to a room thermostat and control via an app on your device.