A user-friendly system for controlling your electric radiators via digital controller(s) sited in your house.

The IN-Control system can be programmed to suit your lifestyle with temperature control and various functions such as Monday to Sunday set-up, “Boost” and “Holiday” modes, much like a central heating controller.

The IN-Control digital thermostats enable you to invisibly link the radiators in your home to create a centrally controlled electric heating system and create “heating zones”, minimising energy wastage and maximising efficiency.

IN-Control digital thermostat – 1 per heating zone


Upgrade your electric radiators to create a wireless centrally controlled system. 1 receiver per radiator and a minimum of 1 thermostat is required.

IN-Control receiver – 1 per electric radiator


One per electric radiator required along with one IN-Control thermostat per heating zone to create a centrally controlled electric heating system.