IN-Control receiver - 1 per electric radiator

IN-Control system is a user-friendly system that uses radio wave technology to control your electric radiator(s) using a wireless in-house controller.  This system is compatible with a huge range of designs from both our contemporary and traditional electric radiator ranges, meaning beautiful radiators that are also efficient and cost effective.  The IN-Control system enables you to tailor your heating to suit your lifestyle, with time and temperature control, meaning that your heating will only be on when and where it’s needs to be, minimising your energy consumption and heating bills and maximising the efficiency. You will need at least one IN-Control receiver for each radiator you want to include on your heating system and one IN-Control digital controller with thermostat per heating zone.

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  • Installation: Comprehensive installation instructions are provided. Maximum of 10 heating zones/digital thermostats per gateway/property.
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  IN-Control system for electric radiators – an exampleYou have bought a 3 bedroom cottage.  You choose from our extensive range of electric radiators and select:

  • 3 x Electric Etonian cast iron radiators for your reception rooms downstairs;
  • 3 x Electric Alchemy aluminium radiators for the bedrooms upstairs; and
  • 1 x Electric heated towel rail in the bathroom.

You want to be able to programme the radiators around your work day and your home routine, which is fairly consistent. Therefore, you would need:

  • 7 x IN-Control receivers – 1 for each radiator.
  • 1 x IN-Control digital controller including timer and thermostat – all radiators would be linked to it creating 1 “heating zone”. (More zones can be added by adding more controllers e.g. if you wanted the upstairs radiators to come on at different times.)

  Later that year, following installation, you want to add a radiator to the system as you are having an extension built.  You would then need to purchase 1 extra electric radiator and 1 extra IN-Control receiver.