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Towel Rails

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Perfect for the smallest room in the house, heated towel rails are an ingenious space saving method of heating the bathroom, kitchen or cloakroom whilst providing you with warm and toasty towels.Read More

Our bathroom radiator collection comprises of a stunning array of modern designer towel rails and traditional towel radiators in a huge range of designs, sizes and finishes, many of which are available in electric and "dual fuel" versions as well as for just central heating.

Choose from the most popular ladder-style rails in gleaming chrome, classic white or striking colours or go for a contemporary towel heater made of stainless steel, offering a stunning, easy-clean finish with a long life expectancy even in wetrooms. Mirror radiators also add the feeling of light and space. Alternatively go for a period style towel radiator with ball-joints in brass, chrome or copper finishes, perfect for any traditional setting. 

Prior to any online order being processed, you will be called to check through your order details. Please order with confidence. 

  1. Stainless steel towel rails From - £175

    Choose from a range of stainless steel towel rails in both modern and traditional designs. Polished gives the appearance of chrome whereas brushed is matt

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  2. Traditional Towel Rails From - £302

    Traditional towel rails with timeless styling available in unique and stylish finishes, sizes, shapes and finishes from Feature Radiators.

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  3. Brass towel rails From - £

    Whether you need a rail made of brass to ensure longevity or you want a gold finish for the most luxurious looking bathroom, we have it all.

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  4. Short, wide towel rails From - £

    Where height is restricted such as under windows or above baths, a long and low towel radiator offers an ideal solution.

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  5. Electric Bathroom Radiators From - £

    Bathroom radiators and heated towel rails that run off electricity rather than central heating for dry towels and a cosy space.

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  1. Alpine Straight towel rail From -
    £175.20 £146.00

    Stainless steel towel rails held in stock in a range of sizes for next day delivery. Choose from central heating, electric or "dual fuel" versions. 25 year guarantee.

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  2. Alpine Bow towel rail From -
    £266.40 £222.00

    100% stainless steel ladder style towel warmer with a bow-front. Choose from a range of sizes in brushed or polished finishes, all for next day delivery.

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  3. Midas towel rail From -
    £235.32 £196.10

    Available from stock in a "brushed brass" golden paint finish, this heated towel rail provides a luxury feel but with a low price tag and quick delivery.

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  4. E-Rail towel rail From -
    £1,262.40 £1,052.00

    The "fingers" of this stainless steel asymmetric towel rail make it easy to slide on towels from the side, whether central heating, electric or dual fuel.

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  5. Hot Spring radiators From -
    £571.60 £476.33

    An icon of the designer radiator market, the Hot Spring is the radiator chosen for ultimate in luxury interiors thanks to its unique design and finishes.

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  6. Estante towel rail From -
    £280.90 £234.08

    Square steel tubes with optional wood shelves in oak, teak or beech provides a practical yet stylish heating option for any contemporary bathroom.

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  7. Brunswick towel rail From -
    £418.80 £349.00

    A square tubed ladder style heated towel rail offering 25 year guarantee, thanks to its stainless steel construction, and next day delivery.

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  8. Etna towel rail From -
    £200.93 £167.44

    Heated towel rails in a ladder style that are stocked in textured beige, brown and black finishes, offering a great match to organic tile finishes.

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  9. Inca towel rail - SALE From -
    £132.00 £110.00

    A small stainless steel towel rail, perfect for use in en-suites and cloakrooms. Also available in an electric version for use where the is no central heating.

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  10. Longitube towel rail From -
    £296.40 £247.00

    A long and low ladder style towel radiator for use under windows or above baths. Stainless steel design available next working day with 25 yr guarantee.

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  11. Zermatt towel radiator From -
    £712.44 £593.70

    A flat-fronted stainless steel designer radiator that can be hung horizontally or vertically. Choose matt brushed finish or polished that looks like chrome.

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  12. Igloo towel rail From -
    £78.44 £65.37

    A popular tube-in-tube ladder style towel radiator, offering plenty of hanging space in many sizes. Held in stock in white and chrome for next day delivery.

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  13. Capa towel rail From -
    £220.00 £183.33

    A stainless steel towel rail finished in copper or brass lacquers for use in modern or traditional bathrooms.

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  14. Ski towel rail From -
    £139.92 £116.60

    Tube-on-tube style ladder radiator with lots of hanging space for a low price. White and chrome models are stock & colours are available by special order.

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  15. Ecologico aluminium towel rails From -
    £246.00 £205.00

    An aluminium ladder-style heated towel rail offering a practical, eco-friendly design in stunning graphite finish.

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  16. Albatross towel rail From -
    £389.10 £324.25

    This ladder-style towel radiator is available in a double version, offering the biggest heat output of any heated towel rail that we can find.

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  17. Negra towel rail From -
    £237.00 £197.50

    Our best-selling stainless steel towel rails are now available in a black paint finish to add real drama to a contemporary bathroom.

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  18. Ladda towel rail From -
    £540.00 £450.00

    This really is a ladder style radiator, made of stainless steel with plenty of towel drying space, 25 year warranty and held in stock for next day delivery.

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  19. Robin bow-fronted towel rail From -
    £242.11 £201.76

    This curved design of heated ladder rail offers a smooth design in a range of sizes and is held in stock in anthracite and chrome. Dual fuel available.

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  20. Ron towel radiator - 25% off previous prices! From -
    £603.90 £503.25

    A high output aluminium radiator with a towel rail in bare metal or painted finishes, provides the perfect heating and drying solution for larger bathrooms.

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  21. Dex towel rail From -
    £134.00 £111.67

    This bow-fronted radiator with projecting rails has plenty of capacity for drying towels and is available in white, grey and a range of other colours.

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  22. Shorty towel rail From -
    £361.31 £301.09

    This low towel radiator starting at only 384mm high fits neatly under windows or above baths, making use of previously unused bathroom or kitchen space.

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  23. Supermirror for bathrooms From -
    £898.80 £749.00

    Perfect for the smallest room, this stainless steel radiator is polished to give a mirror effect boosting the feeling of light, space and warmth.

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  24. Svelte towel radiator From -
    £821.42 £684.52

    A designer radiator made of aluminium that offers a sleek contemporary design plus space to hang a towel making it perfect for use in any modern kitchen or bathroom.

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  25. Alpine Mitre towel rail From -
    £418.80 £349.00

    Unique squared off corners give this radiator a unique look. Stainless ensures a long life expectancy with a stunning finish. 25 year guarantee and next day delivery.

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  26. Swiss towel rail From -
    £412.02 £343.35

    A top quality chrome towel radiator with extra thick chrome for a long life expectancy. Central heating, dual fuel and electric versions are available.

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  27. Tab towel rail From -
    £258.34 £215.28

    A flat fronted towel radiator that comes in single and double versions for a high heat output and stocked in 3 colours, white, black and chrome.

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  28. Winder towel rail From -
    £485.48 £404.57

    Loops of steel form the basis of this asymmetrical towel radiator design, finished with a contrasting copper colour on the vertical header.

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  29. Outline towel radiator From -
    £722.40 £602.00

    These top quality flat panel radiators are now available with additional towel hanging rails making them perfect for use in bathrooms or modern kitchens.

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  30. Oval towel rail From -
    £216.24 £180.20

    The chunky elliptical tubes of this towel radiator means a big heat output and the choices of finishes including stainless steel can match to any setting.

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  31. Classic towel radiator From -
    £513.26 £427.72

    A classic radiator but with the bonus of a towel rail meaning a decent heat output unlike many ladder style heated towel rails or chrome radiators.

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  32. Chime towel rail From -
    £631.76 £526.47

    One of Bisque's iconic designs of towel radiator, Chime's asymmetrical design in central heating or electric, makes it easy to slide on towels for drying.

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  33. Archibald towel rail From -
    £831.89 £693.24

    The ultimate in feature towel radiators thanks to its unique shape. Fun yet functional, Archibald comes in many colours in central heating and electric.

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  34. Orbit towel rail From -
    £608.22 £506.85

    A highly polished stainless steel heated towel rail provides a chrome look and the easy hanging of towels with its practical and hard-wearing design.

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  35. Romana Stone Electric Radiators From -
    £460.80 £384.00

    Choose from a range of marbles, granites and limestones to create you ideal electric radiator. The use of organic materials is both practical and on-trend.

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  36. Cirque towel radiator From -
    £292.56 £243.80

    This radiator offers space to hang your towels as well as a huge amount of heat thanks to the C shape profile of its white or textured dark grey tubes.

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  37. Blok towel radiator From -
    £614.76 £512.30

    An aluminium radiator with a towel rail (non-heated) attached, in a range of heights for installation in cloakrooms, en-suites and bathrooms or kitchens.

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  38. iRad Mirror electric radiators From -
    £598.92 £499.10

    An electric mirror radiator for use in any space, providing heat and the illusion of light and space. Can be wirelessly linked to other electric radiators.

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About Our Towel Rails and Bathroom Radiators

Towel rails are great at combining the two jobs of drying your towels and heating your bathroom, but bear in mind if a towel rail is covered in towels the heat output to the bathroom is greatly reduced, so consider either a second heat source or over sizing the towel rail – we would generally recommend going for the biggest towel rail you can fit in the available space.

When calculating the heat required for a bathroom we use a very old rule of thumb figure of 90 Watts per cubic meter, this is because having a shower or bath in a lovely warm bathroom is an altogether more pleasant experience than shivering and getting dressed as quickly as you can. Most of the heat calculators use a figure of 50 Watts per cubic meter, which is the same as a living room – our experience tells us that it should be higher.

If your bathroom is damp or your are looking for a radiator for a wetroom, then you want to opt for a towel rail that won’t rust and it’s stainless steel that offers the perfect solution; see our wide range of contemporary and traditional stainless steel bathroom radiator designs.

With this focus on longevity, we also want to make sure that our radiators are set to stand the test of time, consequently we only sell chrome models, with a thick, high grade, chrome coating, preventing rust spots that may occur on many cheap heated towel rails.

There are a huge range of styles, sizes and finishes available on our website, so you can save yourself a lot of time by contacting our sales team either by phone or online chat and they will gladly help narrow down your search.

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