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Cast Iron Radiators

Cast Iron Radiators

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Our range of traditional heating products includes authentic, cast iron and column radiators as well as modern twists on vintage radiator designs. Choose from plain column models in colours matched to Farrow & Ball shades or hand-painted ornate castings. We offer a huge range of sizes and finishes, with options for any property. Consequently our cast iron radiators have been installed in 1000s of Victorian terraces and even a few National Trust houses.

Inspected by our experts, each model in our range meets our exacting quality standards. We consider all aspects like finish, design, performance and value for money. We also offer a range of traditional style thermostatic radiator valves. These come in a range of period finishes such as antique brass and pewter to complement any of our radiators. With long warranty periods, cast iron radiators are guaranteed to add traditional character and charm to your home for years to come.

Prior to any online order being processed, you will be called to check through your order details. Please order with confidence. 

  1. Victorian 3 Cast Iron Radiators (450mm to 745mm high) - Up to 27% off RRP From - £104

    Our most popular Victorian cast iron radiator due to its classic style and low prices. Available in many sizes & finishes inc traditional shades in 2 weeks.

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  2. Etonian 4 Cast Iron Radiators (360mm to 960mm high) - Up to 20% off RRP! From - £94

    A European made cast iron radiator offering a huge range of heights, widths and depths, each one made to your specification but for delivery within 2 weeks.

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  3. Gladstone Cast Iron Radiators (570mm to 740mm high) From - £187

    Cast iron radiator in a princess design with scrolled feet. We offer free colour-matching to Farrow & Ball and delivery in 1 to 2 weeks.

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  4. Forge 4 cast iron radiators (355mm to 955mm high) From - £368.60

    This stunning polished bare cast iron radiator is protected using a clear lacquer, which ensures the Forge doesn't tarnish over its 100 yr guarantee period.

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  5. Victorian 4 Cast Iron Radiators (460mm to 760mm high) From - £102

    A Victorian cast iron radiator design with 4 columns. Choose from a huge range of sizes and paint finishes for delivery within 2 weeks.

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  6. Wilberforce Cast Iron Radiators (490mm to 1040mm high) From - £132

    The slimmest cast iron radiator available, Wilberforce sits close to the wall so is the perfect solution for small traditional spaces or narrow hallways.

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  7. Titus Cast Iron Radiators (460mm to 760mm high) From - £122

    A 2 column cast iron radiator offering a Victorian style cast iron radiator with a slim profile. Choose from a range of paints including Farrow & Ball.

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  8. Edwardian 2 Cast Iron Radiators (450mm to 660mm high) From - £162

    We have been selling this design of reproduction Edwardian cast iron radiator since our founding as it offers a great heat output and classic design choice.

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  9. Thackray Cast Iron Radiators (440mm to 740mm high) From - £185

    This hospital style radiator offers a practical design of cast iron heater and is available in a choice of 100s of finishes for delivery within 2 weeks.

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  10. Etonian 6 Cast Iron Radiators (485mm to 660mm high) - Up to 15% off RRP From - £145

    This chunky design of cast iron radiator is made in Europe and offers the perfect solution in bay windows or alcoves or where huge heat outputs are needed.

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  11. Forge 6 Cast Iron Radiators (485mm to 960mm high) From - £270

    This chunky polished bare cast iron radiator offers huge heat outputs and is protected using a clear lacquer, which can be tinted in a range of finishes.

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  12. Liberty Cast Iron Radiators (510mm to 954mm high) From - £173

    Made in Europe, this ornate cast iron radiator offers a huge heat output and comes in various heights up 956mm high and a range of widths and colours.

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  13. Rococo Cast Iron Radiators (460mm to 810mm high) From - £215

    These electric radiators are made of cast iron with an ornate Rococo design and offer a slimline option in 2 heights and many finishes inc copper and gold.

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  14. Nightingale Cast Iron Radiators (590mm to 790mm high) From - £192

    A cast iron radiator with a floral design, Nightingale is available in a huge range of finishes including Farrow & Ball and Little Greene paint shades.

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  15. Downton Cast Iron Radiators (540mm to 740mm high) From - £168

    Our best-priced patterned cast iron radiator, the traditional scrollwork features a botanical design and is available in a range of hand-painted finishes.

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  16. Bodleian Cast Iron Radiators (470mm to 765mm high) From - £119

    This deep design of patterned cast iron radiator offers a perfect solution for bays or large period settings in many sizes and colours inc antiqued.

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  17. Bare Metal Core Radiators (302mm to 1802mm high) - Up to 33% off RRP! From - £101

    Our best-selling designer radiator, Core is a steel column design in a lacquered bare metal finish. Choose from a range of stock sizes or go bespoke.

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  18. Core Radiators (302mm to 1802mm high) - Up to 33% RRP! From - £135.70

    Our best-selling column radiator thanks to both it's high quality and low price, it is stocked in white in a range of sizes or available in colours by special order.

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  19. Classic Column Radiators (375mm to 1792mm high) From - £319

    Our top-quality steel column radiator range offering a classic design for modern or traditional settings. Stock sizes and bespoke service available.

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  20. Bare Metal Classic Column Radiators (575mm to 1792mm high) From - £480

    The Rolls Royce of multi-column radiators, Classic now comes in bare steel with a clear lacquer to protect it from moisture giving it a modern twist.

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  21. Bordo Column Radiators (292mm to 1792mm high) From - £103

    Our best-selling multi-column radiator in white, which is available in a huge range of sizes for delivery in just 1 week, wall-mounted or on feet.

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  22. Colori Column Radiators (292mm to 1792mm high) From - £196

    This sectional column radiator offers a quick turnaround time on coloured models. Specify your ideal size and colour and we can deliver in just 4 weeks.

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  23. Retro Aluminium Radiators (568mm to 1870mm high) From - £341

    A traditional radiator with a twist, Retro is made of aluminium, so offers eco-friendly properties such as quick reaction times & low water content.

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  24. Cast iron radiator accessories From - £9.60

    Choose from a range of extras to upgrade your cast iron radiators with parts to match to metal valve finishes such as copper and nickel.

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  1. Victorian 7 Cast Iron Radiators - 350mm high From -
    £229.20 £191.00

    This short chunky radiator offers big heat outputs in deep spaces such as bay windows, inglenooks and alcoves. Available in any colour including matches to Farrow & Ball.

  2. Burlington Cast Iron Radiators - 838mm high From -
    £607.20 £506.00

    Top of the range, ornate, cast iron design, manufactured in Europe with a high level of detail. Popular finishes inc Olive Green, Old Penny and Anthracite.

  3. Curved Core Column Radiators From -
    £0.00 £0.00

    Perfect for bay windows in period properties or 30s semis, our best-selling column radiator can be made in a concave curved design to perfectly fit your space.

  4. Gothic Cast Iron Radiators - 663mm high From -
    £330.00 £275.00

    Inspired by imagery seen in chapels, this cast iron radiator offers a huge heat output for such heavenly spaces in a range of traditional finishes.

  5. Victorian 9 Cast Iron Radiators - 330mm high From -
    £294.54 £245.45

    A short chunky cast iron radiator that has been designed for use in bay windows, alcoves and inglenooks of period properties. Choose from a range of paints and widths. Free UK mainland delivery.

  6. Pod radiator (550mm to 1872mm high) From -
    £228.00 £190.00

    Inspired by classic steel column radiators, Pod is a chunkier design, held in stock in both white and grey, with or without feet, for quick delivery.

  7. Press radiator (600mm to 1000mm high) From -
    £422.40 £352.00

    Traditional steel manufacturing techniques combine with the latest finish trends to create Press, a lacquered bare steel industrial style column radiator.

  8. Tredz Trench Heating From -
    £0.00 £0.00

    A practical, discreet and highly efficient heating solution that frees up room and wall space and is ideal for positioning in front of windows or bi-folds.

  9. Bench Radiators From -
    £737.00 £614.17

    Heating and seating combine with this radiator that is also a bench. Choose from a range of sizes, colours and wood tops.

  10. Tetro Aluminium Radiators (639mm to 1784mm high) From -
    £612.00 £510.00

    This unique radiator comprises of a traditional design but made of aluminium, offering eco-friendly properties such as rapid heat up time and light weight.

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Our History With Cast Iron Radiators

Feature Radiators has been selling cast iron radiators for nearly 20 years. We started out as a salvage and reclamation company specialising in old radiators. Our founder, Phil Jackson, spent many hours inside the old schools and mills of West Yorkshire, saving big lumps of cast iron as the buildings were being demolished or renovated around him.

We then sand blasted, tested and painted every radiator to order – very hard labour, but rewarding work. Phil then found out that there were still a few foundries making new cast iron radiators in Europe. Therefore, he quickly realised that, lovely as salvaging old ones was, there were many benefit to supplying new ones. Going for newly cast models rather than reclaimed means long warranty periods and a huge choice of styles, sizes and designs.

20 years ago there were still some foundries in Europe and the first of the Chinese foundries were just starting. Now there are few European foundries left and a lot of the casting is now done in China – to varying levels of quality. The UK is sadly now just limited to assembly and painting, but it is simply not financially viable to cast the sections here.

We have spent 20 years working with cast iron radiators and the products we sell are the ones we consider to be the best available. They meet our exacting standards in terms of quality and come from the most reliable factories in both Europe and China who ensure our products are finished to the highest of standards.

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